Industry Trends in People Management

As the HR industry moves into 2012, new trends are emerging. These trends focus more on the people and impact organizations profitability. Business managers must move with times and adopt trends that will smoothen up the operating environment. It is important for the organization and its managers to understand the trends to adapt to the global changes and thrive. This is especially important in the field of human resource management as people are the most important asset for an organization and proper handling is necessary to minimize performance loss. Here are some of the important industry moves that will shape the future in the coming years.

• Technology. We live in a globalized and a connected world. People are using mobile phones, tablets that allow them to be continuously in touch and communicate across the traditional boundaries. HR industry has been slow in adapting to the latest technological developments. But now it has become important for them to leverage these technological advancements. The technological moves like the use of virtual employees and non-traditional offices to help the company run more effectively. Leveraging and moving with technological trends require you to identify the platform your organization is most comfortable with. Ask what you want. Is it going to be an enterprise platform or a simple mail and web based system? The whole idea of having such a platform is to connect people with information.

• Global Market. The recent recession wasn’t just limited to few countries. The economies are interconnected and inter-dependent. A slight tremor can lead to complete disorder. The strategies can no more be isolated and big economies sit together and formulate a systemic plan and discuss mutual issues. It is here that HR industry must move with times and allow their companies to compete with other global firms. The trend of industry outsourcing has impacted the developing world in a big way and HR moves must not ignore the fact that workers can now be contracted for projects etc.

• Flexible Offices. The future is about being flexible. Among other things, the word ‘flexible’ will also apply to working conditions. The technology advancements has allowed the HR industry to allow and move towards implementing flexible offices. The employee doesn’t have to move out and suffer in the unbearable traffic conditions any more. “Relax and work from home” is the new age mantra. Among several other things, it allows the