What Search Engines Really Want

You really only need one thing to make legitimate money online: Traffic. It’s the holy grail of Internet marketing. Every online business strives to seek out that rare artifact that will bring waves of visitors to their website. One of the most popular and best portals that can deliver quality traffic, is through the search engines. These Search engines are treated like gods, being offered well optimized sites by Internet entrepreneurs everywhere, in the hopes that their site gets rewarded with high rankings in the search result pages. Some of the popular SEO(Search Engine Optimization) techniques being used today seem to work well for some, but not for others. There are some SEO strategies that could actually get you banned from the search engines. What really makes search engines happy and What do they want from us?












Through all of our efforts to use SEO to improve our ranking, we often forget why search engines exist at all. The search engine’s primary and most important function is to provide the best relevant search results from every search inquiry made. The truth is, it is really in the search engine’s greatest interest that nobody manipulates their ranking system by using SEO strategies so that the customers using their service are returned the best relevant search results. Obviously, this doesn’t happen the way the search engine companies want them to and they really can’t penalize most websites for it. Keep in mind, they will punish those sites that are utilizing deceptive SEO techniques that are being used to fool the search engines. These strategies are know as Black Hat SEO techniques, and if caught using them, you can get your site removed from the search engine indexes.

Here are a few examples of Black Hat SEO: Linkfarms(massive linking with other sites in a group where the only goal is to increase link popularity), creating web pages with duplicate content, overuse of keywords