Converting Short to Long Term Rentals – is if for you?

to go to Florida is it an opportunity to ride the current market conditions by converting to a long term rental? It’s the first question we get asked when a villa owner is struggling for bookings. There are still great opportunities for the property investor in Central Florida but these opportunities are now migrating away from the Vacation/Short term rental market. Here we cover some significant benefits of long term rental property ownership that we hope will help you decide if this is a better option for you.

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The first point we always make is you have to the two are in totally different sectors and should be treated as such. The 1st key consideration is that you will not be able to stay in the Long Term Rental home when you go to Florida. Some of the questions asked by Villa owners indicated that this is not 100% realised. Each Villa owner has different requirements and expectations and we will need to FULLY understand these before we can effectively advise if this is for you.

Here are some of the major benefits for the long term rental investor:-