Dating a single father

Dating a Single Father Dating a single father. Now that marriage has become almost redundant and unwanted by many it is increasingly normal for people not to be in a relationship yet still have some sort of family or offspring. There are a lot of guys out there who have got a woman pregnant and then had to stay involved or at least be friends with her and in some way either see their baby or help with it’s upbringing. Some of them only provide financial support others get totally wrapped up in it and want to help far more. They would want to take it out,Dating a single father Articles buy it birthday presents and really look forward to seeing it. The devoted ones revolve their whole lives around their children by trying to make sure they see them as much as is humanly possible, re arranging their working hours or cutting them down so that they see them more, babysitting them every possible opportunity, spending money on them and being a great parent.

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But where does this leave the woman or guy who ends up dating this parent? If they are keen on a family and would love to get involved it could be fantastic, an opportunity to have an instant and ready made family without the horrible bits like giving birth! But if they do not like kids or they are not keen on being involved with other peoples’ it can be a problem. It can also mean that they have little opportunity to get involved with the man if he is always available and spending lots of time with his kids and that makes him too busy to spend time with them. If he provides a lot financially for them and he also does not earn a lot it can mean going without and maybe even asking his new lover to help him provide or go without things!

The father’s ex may get jealous of you and not want you to spend time with their kids. They may see you as an unknown quantity or some sort of risk. Someone who may whisk the necessary other parent away to a foreign land or turn his head so that he loses interest in his family. So they may try to come between you. Or they may be such bad mothers that they want you to take over their role and give you the hard work of looking after their off spring because it saves them the bother.