Pre-Existing Conditions in Florida Health Insurance

differences in how pre-existing conditions are handled depending on whether it is a Florida group health insurance plan or a Florida individual health insurance plan? All of these are valid questions concerning pre-existing conditions and their effect on obtaining health insurance coverage in the state of Florida.

The obvious first question is, “What is considered a pre-existing condition in Florida?” Typically, most health insurance companies in Florida will look at an applicant’s health history going back as far as 10 years to determine an applicant’s health status (in the case of an application for individual health insurance; group health insurance in Florida will not levy quite as much scrutiny towards a pre-existing condition). Therefore, in the strictest type of scenario; any adverse medical conditions or medical issues within the 10 years prior to the application being submitted is considered a pre-existing condition. (This is not the case for all areas of pre-existing conditions as in the case of certain conditions the health insurance company is only concerned with say high cholesterol [just an example] or nicotine use [just an example] in the past 5 years or 2 years rather than the full 10 years). Generally speaking, any type of medical condition or issue that happened further back than 10 years ago does not exist for the sake of the Florida health insurance application.