Professional Teepee Wedding Hire Services for the Happy Day

A wedding is a grand affair that deserves the best of planning and preparations from the start to the end. Most weddings are elaborate events with receptions and luncheons or dinners. These events require a large space for guests to sit down comfortably to witness the wedding ceremony or enjoy their reception, luncheon or dinner regardless of the guest list size.

Premise planning

Any successful wedding would require the best of facilities to ensure that all activities planned would be executed smoothly for the happy couple and their guests. A wedding with 100 guests should have a space size of at least 2-3 times the guest size for comfort and décor.

Modern weddings like to be at the outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of the natural landscapes. This is where teepee wedding hire services come into play for the perfect set up of wedding reception, luncheon or dinner especially if the weather permits.

Wedding receptions and luncheons today are preferred to be under cool giant tents known as teepees which are growing popular in weddings and birthday bashes. There are Giant Hat Teepees which spread out to accommodate 100-200 guests comfortable with a stage and dance floor. These teepees can be connected together to cover a wider space if more guests are present.

There are smaller Kungsörnen teepees or tents to add on to larger configurations for extra space or to function as chill out spots.

Wedding planning services

Teepee wedding hire services include advising and handling the actual physical arrangement of the proposed wedding premises with the most suitable tent configurations that would fit the wedding specifications exactly.

All the necessary teepee pieces would be supplied by the professional wed