Top Ten Skills of a Masterful Speaker

Aspiring and professional speakers,Top Ten Skills of a Masterful Speaker Articles alike, are always interested in honing their speaking expertise. There is always room for improvement and innovation in everything we do. There are so many things that we do as speakers which become second nature over time. But for the newer speaker, sometimes a gentle reminder of what we are supposed to be doing is in order. These ten points will serve as a way to bring back to mind what we should be mindfully aware of as we prepare for and deliver our speeches.

1. Select your topic.

Make sure that your topic is defined well. The more narrow the topic, the easier it will be for the audience to grasp it’s essence. When a topic is too broadly defined, it can be more difficult to create succinct talking points that will summarize your speech content. Your speech should be interesting and meaningful to the audience, as well as focused on meeting their needs or expectations.

2. Building blocks for success.

As speakers, we all learned there are three main building blocks which comprise a speech. The first component is the speech introduction where the objective is to capture audience attention. Ask a compelling question, offer a quotation, cite a statistic, or begin with a challenging statement. Follow this up with the main points you intend to convey within the body or content part of the speech. The second building block is the content. This is where you will fill in the details of the key points that you alluded to in your introduction. Each point should be supporte