Transporting heavy equipment to the other country

Nowadays the number of logistics companies which offer heavy cargo transportation services is really great,Guest Posting but sometimes it is difficult to find a reliable and responsible company. However, if your company requires the transportation of special equipment to other company, you should appeal to one of the international cargo shipping companies and order groupage services or heavy machinery transportation services. One of the most experienced companies in the international cargo transportation is TELS group of companies. This freight forwarder has a great number of logistics centres all over the Europe. These departments work in close cooperation with each other providing the best groupage services and other logistics services and solutions for your cargo transportation. The company has its own truck fleet and special trailers which will be suitable for the heavy cargo transportation. Besides, this logistics operator offers a wide range of additional fasteners and special package for such cargo as heavy machinery and special building equipment. The equipment will be packet into special waterproof crates which will be stuffed with special filling that prevents the shifting of the equipment inside the crate.

Both groupage services and heavy cargo transportation include repacking, refilling and warehousing of the cargo which is very convenient. It should be mentioned that the company always takes care about the insurance of the cargo and deprives the customer from the necessity to insure the cargo before transportation. Heavy cargo transportation is usually carried out by special trucks and trailers. Trailers have special platforms with fastening system that prevents the movement of the container with equipment along the platform. By the way, the container is also waterproof and the equipment inside the container is protected from the influence of the environment. Groupage cargo services include the transportation of your equipment to different warehouses or building sites