Web Search in 2010 – A New Search Engine to Watch

While Google seems to be dominating the search engine game pretty heavily (over 60% of all online searches are done through Google) and leaving Yahoo and Bing in its dust trails, it seems that 2010 might have a few surprises in store for ‘The Big G’, and that there are a few


The appeal for companies to compete against Google is plain to see. Google makes billions of dollars every quarter (that’s four times a year!) and only shows signs of increasing that figure in 2010. They make money through their AdWords and AdSense programs, which they display on all of their different programs, as well as in the search results.

Since the global search engine market is valued at an estimated $300 billion dollars, conquering just 0.1% of it would earn you around $300 million dollars a year. Because of this, several smaller search engine companies have been set up to try and conquer a specific niche in the search game. For example, ‘Spezify’ focuses solely on newspaper articles and pictures, making it easier to find a news story on their site than any other place.

It looks like in the future people might use different search engines depending on what they are looking for. It is refreshing to finally see a change in the search engine game after years of the same old thing. It seems that while Google have been working away busily trying to improve their product as much as they can several other companies have been secretly plotting to take their share of the pie in 201