What Exactly Is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Many women who want to forgo the rigors of constantly applying makeup are finding relief in the form of semi permanent makeup. Most females know that makeup, when applied correctly, can take years off their appearance. However, constantly applying makeup can be quite time consuming and for these women the solution lies within the application of semi permanent makeup. Semi permanent makeup creates a more youthful appearance and does not carry the risks that are inherent with invasive cosmetic surgeries.


Like tattooing, semi permanent makeup is applied by a skilled technician using sterilized equipment. The technician places a pigment in the dermal layer of the skin through a procedure that doesn’t take long and is completely safe. Most people who have this makeup style applied choose to get their lips colored and end up saving hundreds of dollars and countless hours each year. This makeup style can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years and gradually fades with time. This style of makeup is perfect for athletes, models, busy moms and women who are allergic to ingredients within traditional makeups.

When choosing a beauty salon to undergo this simple procedure it pays to do your research. Although the procedure is simple, it must be done by a skilled and qualified technician. A properly trained technician will be able to show you any degrees or certificates they have earned. The most knowable people in regards to this procedure are the staff of the beauty salon and they are sure to be more than happy to speak with you personally about any concerns or questions you may have about the