WordPress – The Most Popular Blogging Platform

anything on their site, from shopping sites to forums. In addition to this, the SEO solicitude are adequately addressed by WordPress, and you can easily market your site at Google when you use this popular blogging platform.

However, we need to agree and understand the distinction between WordPress and WordPress(dot)com. WordPress is the open source CMS system that you can download for free at WordPress (dot) org. On the other hand, WordPress (dot) com is a free blogging service that makes use of the WordPress software. The self-hosted WordPress is used by those who need a more advanced set of requirements in their wesbites.

2011 is expected to be another banner year for WordPress. It is well-entrenched at the top spot and is perceived by many as the best choice among all the blogging platforms used by companies and expert. There are about 4 million sites that are using WordPress. It is the hands-down leader and the situation is not expected to change anytime soon.


The great and continued success of WordPress can be attributed to several factors. A lot of people who need tried other blogging platforms usually revert back to WordPress. And the main reason why most people prefer WordPress over the blogging platforms is its unmatched functionality.

WordPress is known for its endless stream of functional plugins, which can be downloaded, installed and utilized on the fly. Whatever your requirements are in your website, there is a strong possibility that you need a bevy of plugins which you can download and use to enhance the capabilities and features of your website. These plugins can be easily activated by following the WordPress site’s admin section.